About Me

Hi, I’m Lexi! Here’s a little about me.

Most important things first – I love coffee, although I mostly stick to decaf. I try to eat healthily, but seriously, who can refuse a bit of chocolate?! I love animals, and my current pet of choice is a cat (she’s called Sophie, she’s adorable) – she was a stray who wandered into my life and chose me. Much like my calling.

I have been many things in my life, experiencing and learning along the way. Then, I was a Doula to my friend, before I even knew what a Doula was.

I learnt a lot whilst supporting my incredible friend, and she told me about Doulas. I learnt some more, found a fire in my soul and I have been educating myself about pregnancy, childbirth and many related things ever since. From working as a Doula I have also found a passion for Antenatal Education.

So here I am now – passionate, caring, inquisitive and listening. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t ever want to. I learn from every woman I care for, talk to and listen to.

I believe in women, I believe in being informed, making choices, and having respect for those choices in turn. I believe in the possibility of taking the fear out of childbirth. Birth is a life changing experience and I am passionate about helping women make that experience as positive as possible.

There is a Doula for everyone, and whilst my personality and my beliefs may play a part in selecting me as your Doula, please be assured that this is YOUR birth and your journey. Whether your desire is for a hospital birth, a waterbirth, a homebirth or a planned cesarean, my role is to support and advocate for your choices, without judgement.

I have a strong belief in informed choice. I believe that as long as you have considered all of your options and have been made aware of both sides of the story then the decision you make is the best one for you and your baby. It is my wish to support and empower you in these decisions and help ease any fears you may experience in order to help you have the pregnancy and birth experience you desire. I am here, unconditionally, for you.

My experiences in life have shown me my true strength, both of my mind and my body. I hope to be able to empower women to understand theirs, and how this can help them in their birth journey. Women are often fearful of birth due to the way it is portrayed in the media. Birth can be a simple, amazing miracle. I hope to explore any fears and desires you have around your birth.

I am part of the Dorset Doulas group, as well as the Dorset Birthworkers Alliance. I am also part of a group of facilitators that run the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Positive Birth Movement Group

Doula Services

A Doula’s role is to support the mother and her family unit through pregnancy, labour and birth – The Childbirth Year.

Childbirth & Antenatal Education

Antenatal Education supports you in understanding the changes your body (and family) go through, your options around your care and choices for your birth experience.

My Education

My education as a birth-worker is on-going and will continue for as long as I continue supporting women. I learn something from every family I work with.

Lending Library

I have a range of books on a variety of topics that I am happy to lend out. These are available to everyone, not just clients. Check back regularly for new books!