My Education

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is really no education at all…” – Aristotle

My education as a birth-worker is on-going and will continue for as long as I continue supporting women. I learn something from every family I work with, and it is my responsibility to keep myself up to date with birth knowledge as it changes and evolves. A lot of this is via reading articles, journals and new books as they are published (check out my Library for books I have available for lending) and some involves attending courses and workshops. CPD learning that I have attended is listed below:

  • – Original Doula Training: Doula UK, September 2012
  • – EFT and Hypnosis for Childbirth: Surelife Hypnotherapy, December 2012
  • – Practical Skills to Prevent and Resolve Malpresentation: Selina Willis, April 2013
  • – When Survivors Give Birth: Penny Simpkin, May 2013
  • – Breastfeeding Festival, June 2014 & 2015
  • – Recipes for Normal Birth: Sara Wickham, March 2016
  • – Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth: Findhorn Foundation, September 2016
  • – Breastfeeding Workshop for Doulas, September 2016
  • – Supporting Every Birth Workshop (Baby Loss), April 2017

Doula Services

A Doula’s role is to support the mother and her family unit through pregnancy, labour and birth – The Childbirth Year.

Childbirth & Antenatal Education

Antenatal Education supports you in understanding the changes your body (and family) go through, your options around your care and choices for your birth experience.


This page contains links to some resources that I recommend to clients and their families to support them on their journey.