Connection With Yourself…

This post may not seem very pregnancy or birth related, but these first few posts are all related, and to me are the basic foundations. Connecting with yourself enables you to be better in tune with your mothering instincts, which in turn allows you to build a stronger connection with your child.

Are you connected with yourself? Modern life is so busy. Are you being true to you or do you mould to what others would like you to be, or what you think you should be? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the tasks and demands of everyday life – and the stress that goes with them. As time goes on, it’s easy to lose connection with YOU. Your gifts and qualities, the things you enjoy, the individualities that you can offer the world.

Taking some time out to connect with yourself is grounding. It reminds us that we are more than what we do each day and more than the roles that we have. It allows us, even for a few moments, to be the person we want to be. When you connect with yourself, you re-charge and re-focus, allowing you to then have more to give to the people you love (and that includes yourself!!).

When you connect with yourself, the things that really matter become clearer. That car that didn’t indicate at the roundabout? Not so important. You being observant and safe – be thankful for that. That piece of work you didn’t quite finish last night? You’ll have fresh ideas this morning. The time you spent catching up with your partner and their day instead – invaluable. That line of blue crayon on your kitchen table? No-one else notices. The drawing your 4 year old spent the afternoon making – it’s the most beautiful thing in your kitchen.

You get the point.

Life is busy. Life is hard. Time is precious – invest some of it in yourself. A less stressed, more centred parent has a greater ability to meet the needs of their child(ren).

A few things you can do to take some time and connect with yourself:

– Compliment yourself Remind yourself about the qualities you admire about you.
– Make a list of what you love doing – This helps you see more clearly into you.
– Write down what you love about you – This list reminds you how special you are.
– Forgive yourself We’re all human and we make mistakes. Let the past go. Today is a new day.
– Practice Self-Love – This is hard but the more you get to know YOU and become the genuine person inside, the easier it gets.
– Trust yourself – Have confidence in you and your abilities (This one is VERY pregnancy related. If I could say ONE thing to women in labour – this would be it.)
– Spend quality time with yourself – The most important thing you can do 🙂 and the one we neglect most often.

It doesn’t take long to re-connect with yourself. Can you spare just 10 minutes a day? For those of you who may be interested in meditation, please check out the following link for a free course that a good friend runs on how 10 minutes of meditation a day can help you feel happier, healthier and more positive.


Take time. Connect with yourself. You are just as important as everyone else in your life!