When Others Don’t Love Your Choices…

Parenting is full of a myriad of choices. All individual to you and your family. Even before you reach the parenting journey, pregnancy is full of decisions and options for you to choose. Assuming you don’t choose anything illegal, or are harming those around you, no-one can decide what is best for you and your family except you. You are the expert of your own body, and you understand what works best in your family dynamic.

However, although that is all easy to say, sometimes it becomes hard when the people close to you, your friends and family, question your choices and decisions. Sometimes it becomes hard to stand strong when the people you love actively show their disappointment or disgust at something you firmly believe in.

This fantastic article from Lulastic and the Hippyshake provides some great advice on what to do in this situation.

“Often, we don’t have to actually explain our position, we simply just need a few choice sentences that can address those deeper fears.

  • – We have researched this extensively and believe this is exactly the right decision for us.
  • – This is intentional, not accidental.
  • – We have a plan.
  • – We believe this is the way we can fulfill our full potential.
  • – We are committed to our family’s safety.
  • – This is the way we can achieve full mental and physical well being for all of us.
  • – We have reflected upon the risks of this and are going into this with eyes wide open.”
  • – Have confidence in yourself, your beliefs, and your choices. Love yourself and those around you, even through their differences.

Read the full article here: What To Do When The People You Love Don’t Love What You Do