What Birth Means To Me

Birth means allowing a woman and her motherly instincts to guide the process. Birth is supporting a woman in listening to her body and the signs it is giving her. I believe each baby chooses their journey. Birth is believing that your body is doing exactly what it needs to for this baby and this birth. Birth is welcoming a brand new life to the world.

A woman’s pregnancy and birth is one of the most important times in her and her family’s lives, and one they will remember forever. It’s a new chapter, a new life, an opportunity to learn and grow. It doesn’t have to be scary and clinical.

Having a baby may feel overwhelming at times – you cannot prepare for how your life will change.

Each pregnancy and baby is different, but birth can be natural, peaceful, empowering.

Being a Doula is all about mothering the mother – I am here, for YOU.