Childbirth & Antenatal Education

Welcome to the Antenatal Education section of my website. Whilst I offer antenatal support to all my Doula clients, I also offer one-to-one antenatal sessions to individuals and couples who may have specific needs, or simply prefer a more individualised approach than group classes.

Through my work as a Doula, I have found a real enthusiasm for Childbirth Education. I truly believe that informed choice is a source of incredible power during your pregnancy, birth and journey as a parent. Midwives, and consultants if you require one, are a great part of your birth team and can advise you on different elements of your care, but ultimately all decisions are up to you. No-one has the power to do anything for you, or to you, without your consent.

Information is empowering. It allows you to make the best decision for you, your baby and your family. Every mother, every baby, every pregnancy and birth are unique. Being informed allows you to make individual decisions that suit your situation.

My aim with Antenatal Education is to empower families with the knowledge to remove the “fear of the unknown”. It can be hard to imagine and understand what is happening inside our bodies during pregnancy, labour and birth – deeper knowledge can help provide understanding of the sensations that occur.

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One To One Sessions

One To One antenatal sessions are tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for antenatal education in a more personalised setting, or just have one topic you would like to explore in more detail.


This page contains links to some resources that I recommend to clients and their families to support them on their journey.

Lending Library

I have a range of books on a variety of topics that I am happy to lend out. These are available to everyone, not just clients. Check back regularly for new books!