Birth Tribe Choices

Coming Soon – An exciting unique online course to be launched in the next few months!

There are so many choices available to us during pregnancy, childbirth and into the parenting journey, that people often don’t realise are choices. From ultrasounds, blood tests and where to birth, to tests on the baby (such as chromosome testing), medications at birth and feeding, to your baby’s sleep, weaning and ways of carrying your baby.

For me, being fully informed means you need to be aware of all of the options – as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each, before you can make a decision.

Just because a choice has disadvantages, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong! What is the right choice for one person and their family, will not be the right choice for another. The emphasis of this course is to approach each module from a place of non-judgement and open-mindedness. This course is a place to gather information and engage in facilitated discussion.

Birth Tribe – Choices in Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond is going to be an exciting and unique online course covering all four trimesters. Not heard of the Fourth Trimester? Don’t worry you won’t still be pregnant! Click here to learn more.

Through weekly emails, videos, extended resources and a private group forum we will cover topics such as:

  • – “Routine” tests during pregnancy
  • – Tests on baby during pregnancy
  • – Your due date
  • – Monitoring during labour
  • – How/Where to Birth
  • – Choices in the Third Stage of Labour
  • – Tests/Medications for baby post-birth
  • – Feeding
  • – Sleeping

There are no requirements for taking this course. You may only just be starting to think about getting pregnant, may have just found out you are pregnant, or be halfway through your pregnancy. You may be a birth professional wishing to learn more to support your clients. Everyone is welcome.