Pregnancy Support


Not every wishes for a Doula to be present at their birth, or maybe hiring a Doula isn’t within your budget right now, but you’d still like support through your pregnancy – I can help.

Pregnancy support means you have someone consistent to discuss things with throughout your pregnancy. Someone who will listen unconditionally, someone who you can contact for extra support and information. I believe the benefits of that kind of support should be available to everyone and so I offer “virtual” Doula support. This allows you to approach your birth feeling informed and confident whilst allowing you to have an intimate birth experience. This support can be provided via calls, text, emails or in person – whatever suits you best.

Examples of Pregnancy Support:

  • – Contact after each of your antenatal appointments to discuss your wellbeing, options and pros and cons of any interventions offered;
  • – Being a point of contact for further information, or direction to helpful services, either during pregnancy or postnatally;
  • – Lend you books, DVDs and CDs to provide you with information and help you prepare for birth and baby;
  • – Support you to create your birth plan;
  • – Being a listening ear to discuss your thoughts, feelings, joys and triumphs during your pregnancy and postnatally.

Your Investment

Your investment for pregnancy support is £150 to cover your pregnancy, labour, and your fourth trimester.

The fees for the services I offer reflect my knowledge and experience as a birth-worker, my ongoing training, education and learning, along with the realities of the commitment I make to you from the moment we begin our work together. They also reflect an investment in yourself, your health and wellbeing, and your commitment to your growing family.

Paying by instalments is always possible if this is more affordable for you.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and to discuss your individual needs.

Birth Services

Once you’ve decided to hire me as your Birth Doula, we’ll meet up a couple of times during your pregnancy. This is really important as it let us get to know each other, allows me to support you during your pregnancy, and helps me learn and understand your desires for your birth.

Postnatal Services

Postnatal Doula Support It takes a tribe to raise a child – being pregnant, giving birth and then getting to know your baby takes up lots of energy – A postnatal Doula can help give you a break leaving you time to focus on yourself and your new baby! Postnatal support is as varied as

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This page contains links to some resources that I recommend to clients and their families to support them on their journey.